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Art Abroad Scholarship Criteria

Award amount
  • $1500.00

Award status
  • One year

Academic requirement
  • Visual arts/art major/applicant can be an educator Enrolled in college for current and/or following semester.
  • One class must be in study of art.
  • Student should provide letter of intent from college professor expressing his/her views on your participation in Art Abroad Program.
  • Must provide proof of art abroad agenda before going overseas by way of ticket and/or receipt.
  • Must have a financial need for scholarship.
Additional criteria
  • Applicants will need to come to the library in order to answer a series of questions and write a short one-page essay on why you are applying for the scholarship.
  • Financial need must be covered in essay.

Contact Information:

Suzanne Silvester, Director
Melton Art Reference Library
4300 North Sewell
Oklahoma City, OK 73118


Amena Butler, Art Resource Curator
Melton Art Reference Library
4300 North Sewell
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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